Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glitter Nail Polish Removal~ "The Foil Method"

Hi chicas.. Today I will show you "3 Simple & Easy Steps" on how to succesfully Remove Glitter Polish. It's called ~ "The Foil Method"

What you'll need per nail:

1- Cut a small piece of cotton 
2- A 3 inch strip of aluminum foil
3- Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Step 1~
Place the pure Acetone soaked cotton on the Foil & Wrap up the Nail... =)


Make sure it's wrapped all around & the tip is covered too, to avoid the cotton from drying out. Keep wrapped for approximately 3-5 minutes, depending on the thickness of your glitter... 

Step 2~ 
Give the aluminum a little twist & tug and.... Walla!...There you have it!.. All the glitter remains on the cotton...=)

Step 3~
Follow with washing your nails in a mild soap, apply cuticle oil & moisturize since your hands/nails will be dry! =)

Here's what I use to Moisturize! ~ 

 Julep Cuticle Oil


Lush Cosmetics ~ Cuticle Butter


Hempz Moisturizer

Isn't this the Best Method ever for Glitter Removal!... So useful, isn't it?!! Surely saves u lots of Time!!
Let me know if you found this Blog useful & if you used this method!..=)

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