Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wish List =)

[Updated 01/02/14]

China Glaze -"Agent Lavender" "Electropop" "Hanging in the Balance", "Charmed I'm Sure", "Queen B", You Drive ME Coconuts"
a England - "Galahad" & "Guinevere", "Tess d'Urbervilles"
Essie - "Pink Parka", "Carry On", " Pretty Edgy"  
"Funky Limelight","Who is the Boss", "Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy", "Greenport", "Shelter Island" "Lights" "Don't Sweater It", "After school Boy Blazer", "Mind Your Mittens"

OPI - "Road House Blues", "Gargantuan Green Grape", "Miss You-nivuerse", "Incognito In Sausalito", "Pussy Galore", "I Theadora You", "Pink-ing of you", "OPI..Eurso Euro", "I saw... u saw... we saw... Warsaw", "Frosty Outside"
Orly - "Calypso Breeze", "Frisky", "Blue Collar", "Cotton Candy", "Cashmere Cardigan"
ZOYA - "Jolene","Shelby", "Anja", "Kristen", "Sunshine", "Carter", "Dahlia", "Sailor", "Matte Velvet Savita", "Matte Velvet Posh"
Butter London - "Marrow", "Teddy Girl", "Fruit Machine", "Fiver"
Whimsical ideas by pam - "Peanut Butter & Jelly", "Kitty Glitter", "Hatched"
NerdLacquer -"Smoke Dragon"
DDP - "Angry Beaver"

Essence Nail Art Twins - "Chuck", "Bella", "Gabriella" 

Rainbow Honey- "20% Cooler" & "Pinkie Promise"

SpaRitual - "Ebb & Flow", "Deep", "Undercurrent" & "Lucid"
Nubar - "Stylish peacock", "Blue Hydrangea" "Boyfriend Jeans" "Dark Wash Jeans"

Milani- "Hipster Plum" "Shady Grey (Txrd)", "Purple Streak (Txtrd)
Dior -"Lagoon" "Shadow", "Saint-Tropez", "
Nfu Oh - "526", "394"
Finger Paints- "Blue Raspberry Taffy", "To-Teally Chi", "Lemon Sour",
Man Glaze- "Lesbihonest", "Mayonnaise", "ILF" "Fuggen ugly"

Sonnetarium - "After the Rain"

Pretty & Polished - "Girls Only", "Libra Scales", "Mardi Party"  "Wherever You Go, I Virgo", "Mirror Mirror", "Pretty Chameleon"

Color Club -- HOLO- "Harp On It, "Halo-graphic" or "Cloud Nine", "Over the Moon

Icing - "So Fierce"

KBShimmer - "Party", "Bejeweled"

Sation- "Super Nail-tural Powers"

ICING- "Twisted Fantasy"

H&M"Blue My Mind", "Going Bananas"

Nails Inc."Sloane Mews"

Models Own- "Pukka Purple", "Snow Mix"

B Squared Lacquer - "Instafamily"

Polished by KPT- "Nightcrawler"

Doctor Lacquer- "Dopamine"


  1. I gave you a shiny!

  2. Hey there, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. :) If you want to accept it the rules are in this post. <3

  3. Thanks Chicas!.. As soon as I return from Vaca. I'll get to my Awards!..=)