Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wish List =)

[Updated 11/19/14]

China Glaze -"Agent Lavender" "Electropop" "Hanging in the Balance", "Charmed I'm Sure", "Queen B", You Drive ME Coconuts", "Bottoms Up" "Shocking Pink", "Snow Globe", "Wish Upon A Starfish", "Happy Go Lucky", "Sun Of A Peach"
a England - "Galahad" & "Guinevere", "Tess d'Urbervilles"
Essie - "Pink Parka", "Carry On", " Pretty Edgy"  
"Funky Limelight","Who is the Boss", "Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy", "Greenport", "Shelter Island" "Lights" "Don't Sweater It", "After school Boy Blazer", "Mind Your Mittens", "Find Me An Oasis", "Romper Room"

OPI - "Road House Blues", "Gargantuan Green Grape", "Miss You-nivuerse", "Incognito In Sausalito", "Pussy Galore", "I Theadora You", "Pink-ing of you", "OPI..Eurso Euro", "I saw.. u saw..we saw.. Warsaw", "Frosty Outside", "
Orly - "Cotton Candy", "Cashmere Cardigan", "Glow Stick"
ZOYA - "Haven" "Jolene","Shelby", "Anja", "Kristen", "Sunshine", "Carter", "Dahlia", "Sailor", "Matte Velvet Savita", "Matte Velvet Posh", "Dot", "Miley", "Blu", "Dream" "Ginni", "Harlow"
Butter London - "Marrow", "Teddy Girl", "Fruit Machine", "Fiver"
Floss Gloss- "Periwinkle", "Moon Baby" "95% Angel"
NerdLacquer-"Smoke Dragon"
DDP - "Angry Beaver"

Essence Nail Art Twins - "Chuck", "Bella", "Gabriella" 

SpaRitual - "Ebb & Flow", "Deep", "Undercurrent" & "Lucid"
Nubar - "Stylish peacock", "Blue Hydrangea" "Boyfriend Jeans" "Dark Wash Jeans"

Milani- "Hipster Plum" "Shady Grey (Txrd)", "Purple Streak (Txtrd)
Dior -"Lagoon" "Shadow", "Saint-Tropez", "
Nfu Oh - "526", "394"
Finger Paints- "Blue Raspberry Taffy", "To-Teally Chi", "Lemon Sour",
Man Glaze- "Lesbihonest", "Mayonnaise", "ILF" "Fuggen ugly"

Sonnetarium - "After the Rain"

Pretty & Polished - "Girls Only", "Libra Scales", "Mardi Party"  "Wherever You Go, I Virgo", "Mirror Mirror", "Pretty Chameleon"

Color Club - "Halo-graphic" or "Cloud Nine", "Over the Moon""Holy Chic" "Endless Summer" 

KBShimmer - "Party", "Bejeweled"

Sation- "Super Nail-tural Powers"

ICING- "Twisted Fantasy"

H&M"Blue My Mind", "Going Bananas"

Nails Inc."Sloane Mews"

Models Own- "Pukka Purple", "Snow Mix"

B Squared Lacquer - "Instafamily"

Polished by KPT- "Nightcrawler"

Doctor Lacquer- "Dopamine"


  1. I gave you a shiny!

  2. Hey there, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. :) If you want to accept it the rules are in this post. <3

  3. Thanks Chicas!.. As soon as I return from Vaca. I'll get to my Awards!..=)