Friday, September 14, 2012

Glue Base Coat for Easy Glitter Removal

What's this Elmers Glue or PVA everyones talking about?!... Well it all comes down that it's "Glue" used as a "Base Coat". Yup! That gooey white stuff [glue] we applied to our hands as kids & loved to peel it off for fun! 

If you LOVE GLITTER polish, like I do, and want to try another method besides the  Foil Method for removal, then give this a try! =)

Having bought enough school supplies, I found a glue bottle in my stash and I decided to give this method a try. 

Here's what I used for my experiment:

Elmer's Shool Glue, An empty bottle to put glue in, Nail's Inc. Sprinkles ~"Pudding Lane" & Poshé Top Coat

I used an empty polish bottle I had & poured 80% glue into the bottle and filled the rest w/water to thin out the thick glue... Shook the bottle very well & applied 1 coat to each of my nails & patiently waited for the glue to dry. This process took approx. 5 minutes. I then applied 2 coats of "Pudding Lane" & 1 coat of Poshé TC.

I find that the application went on well, nothing different from other base coats and it dried well too! =)

Unfortunately, for me this beautiful manicure only lasted me 1 day. Perhaps the next time around I'll use 2 coats of the glue as a base & apply 2 of the top coat as well to help it last longer. Once I saw it begin to peel while I was outdoors, I used my fingernail to finish lifting off the polish. It did lift off easily & no damage to my nail was done. If you're at home you can use an orange stick to help lifting.

Overall, the removal did work w/o having to use foil, or soak in Acetone!!...Yay!!!!...=)
It came off easily and clean. Any little pieces of residue were removed with a little acetone on a cotton pad.
My nails were ready to be washed, moisturized & mani-ready for the next polish!

So, how many of you have tried this and/or could give me different pointers? Please tell me your thoughts or questions about this method... =)


  1. I didnt thin out the glue. I used a nail treatment I bought in DR and 2 coats of glue. I put on Jawbreaker as an accent nail after 2 days it was perfect which is too much for me I'm in contact with water a lot. The reason I removed it was because my china glaze neon mani peeled within a day. But I'd definitely do this more often, as often as I do glitter lol

  2. Perhaps I'll do that next time too!... I'm surprised it worked well w/you using a nail treament underneath!..=)

  3. I've been meaning to try this method as a basecoat!