Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cinco de Mayo JULEP Mystery Box

Julep Cinco De Mayo Mystery Box

Hi Chicas!!... I'm Sooo "Contenta/Happy" with my Julep Cinco De Mayo Mystery Box!!... I scored Big Time!.... Only 1 dupe!... That's ok!..=)

Look @ the Beauties I recieved [L > R]

Basecoat, Fast Dry Topcoat, Vanessa, Maya, Gloria, January [My Month!] Gayle, Taylor, Parker, Marisa [dupe], Growth Revitalizing Serum & Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener!!!

Now, some Close-Ups...=)

Thank You JULEP I saved a Whopping~ "$210"....=)

I really enjoy using their trendsetting new nail colors and beauty products. I've seen a difference in my Nails & Hands since I begin using them in Dec. 2011 <3


  1. You probably have Melissa? But, if you don't I'd trade you for the Marisa..if I don't get it in my box? :) That's a great box! One can only hope!

  2. Sorry I do have Melissa... I will be hosting "Blog Sale" soon.. Keep your eyes out for some sweet polishes!....=)

  3. Love this! You scored for sure. I am new to Julep and just received my first mystery box: