Friday, February 8, 2013

Half-Moon Mani using Zoya "Natty" & "Megan"

Half-Moon Mani using Zoya "Natty" & "Megan"

Hello Polish Loves! Feels good to be back! =)
Did these a while back but needed to finish blogging about

First you need to gather the materials used to achieve this look which is Zoya "Megan" & "Natty", 6 rhinestones &  reinforcements...

Zoya "Megan",  "Natty" & Reinforcements

To begin I used my base coat and then Zoya Megan only on the top half of each nail. I then waited for it to dry before applying reinforcements on each nail and painted Zoya "Natty" to the rest of the nail. To apply the rhinestones, I applied Seche Vite Top Coat & then placed the rhinestones.

Here's are some pics....=)

Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial!

Any questions, feel free to ask or visit my FB page Spiceyz Nails  =)


  1. Love the colors you used!! Your Blog sale/swap page isn't working. I wanna swap with you mama!! <3 Enter my giveaway too!! On my blog! <3 Can you post about it on your FB too, FB sucks since they're charging us now :(((((((((

    1. Thanks! The Blog sale/swap page is under constrcution for now "Sorry"... I will be adding more items soon.

      I also entered & FB posted your giveaway =)