Monday, July 2, 2012

Essie ~ "Bikini so Teeny"

Today I have "Bikini so Teeny" from Essie's Summer Collection 2012. It's a slendid pale cornflower blue with a slight hint of shimmer. Not my favorite from Essie. Formula was very thin and needed 3 coats. Nonetheless, I really like the color, especially with a nice summer tan...=)

                               Essie ~ "Bikini so Teeny"

           Rush "Rain" & Essie ~ "Bikini so Teeny"


                 Spiced it up w/Rush "Rain" for an accent nail

             In sunlight.....Then finished up w/some Strips =)

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  1. Nice! I have Bikini So Teeny and need to hurry up and wear it already!

  2. Kool!...When u do, share it on my page!..=)